Commercial Industrial Pumping


Commercial and industrial septic tanks are under more strain than residential septic tanks. They typically work at a high volume and must deal with chemical waste such as greases and byproduct residue. Birmingham Sewer-Septic Co. is the relied upon company for many of Birmingham’s commercial and industrial companies when it comes to septic system care.

Contact Birmingham Sewer-Septic Co. to receive a complimentary assessment of your septic system and quote for septic tank emptying.

Birmingham Sewer-Septic Co. offers a complete line of septic services including maintenance, repair, and installation. Our service technicians specialize in septic systems, and we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our full line of services including commercial and industrial septic tank pumping.

The frequency of pumping required for commercial and industrial grade septic systems varies dependant on the size of the tank, volume of wastewater, and amount and type of debris contained within the wastewater. The trained and experienced plumbers of Birmingham Sewer-Septic Co. are available for call-and-come services; however, we encourage our customers to enter into a regularly scheduled preventative maintenance program. Either way, Birmingham Sewer-Septic Co. provides the same great septic services.

Birmingham Sewer-Septic Co. works with our customers to develop a schedule that is right for their business. There are many benefits to a preplanned septic tank pumping schedule. It alleviates the hassle of interrupting your work to schedule septic maintenance. When commercial and industrial systems are regularly cared for, they operate at the optimum level and are more resistant to breakdowns and backups. Such problems can cause significant delays to a business’s work schedule.

The licensed and insured plumbing professionals of Birmingham Sewer-Septic Co. know the federal, state, and local ordinances regarding septic systems. We ensure that all of our customers remain in compliance.

In addition to pumping your septic system, our qualified staff will perform routine septic maintenance. Contact Birmingham Sewer-Septic Co. for a free evaluation of your septic tank and system.

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