Sewer Conversion & Installation


The plumbing professionals of Birmingham Sewer-Septic Co. are well-equipped to handle sewer installations and sewer conversions. Our technicians possess superior sewer knowledge and experience, and they have access to advanced equipment. This combination means that the residents of Birmingham and its surrounding area can obtain the best sewer installation and sewer conversions in Alabama at reasonable prices.

Contact Birmingham Sewer-Septic Co. to speak with a staff member who will gladly answer any questions that you have and schedule an appointment for a free quote for your sewer installation or conversion.

Successful sewer installations and sewer conversions require sufficient project planning. The plumbers of Birmingham Sewer-Septic Co. fully understand the process and contingency plan for potential complications that may arise. Our highly-skilled technicians of Birmingham Sewer-Septic Co. are so thorough in planning and executing your individual sewer installation or conversion that it will appear routine. Once designed, most sewer installations and conversions can be completed in a single day.

Since each property is different, there is no one solution that fits all for sewer installations and conversions. Our estimators carefully evaluate your property, building, and sewage needs before providing a no-hidden-fees quote. The estimator will explain the installation or conversion process to you and make sure that you are comfortable in understanding it before leaving the premises.

Any job worth doing is worth doing right. This statement couldn’t be truer than when it comes to sewer installations and sewer conversions. That’s why Birmingham Sewer-Septic Co. is the choice to make when deciding on whom to call. We have a strong understanding of sewer systems and never cut corners. Whether you are newly installing a sewer or transitioning from septic, we make certain that all of the details are tended to.
Contact Birmingham Sewer-Septic Co. for residential and commercial sewer installations and sewer conversions. We guarantee our work.

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