Birmingham Septic Tank Services


An on-site septic system turns wastewater from toilets, sinks, home appliances, toilets, baths, and kitchens into reusable water for the environment. It is essentially a self-contained sewage treatment center.

Birmingham Sewer-Septic Co. handles all of Birmingham’s septic needs. Contact our friendly staff for everything from installations to maintenance to repairs.

Our licensed and insured septic professionals follow Alabama’s regulations and obtain the necessary permits regarding home and business septic systems. Every sewer system installation project is properly planned to optimize its efficiency and help prevent future complications. Birmingham Sewer-Septic Co. analyzes your needs and helps decide which type of septic system best suits your property. Our technicians are skilled at installing septic systems – jobs are completed on time, the quality is always superb, and the total cost never exceeds our estimate.

At Birmingham Sewer-Septic Co., our septic services go beyond installations. We also perform preventative maintenance, service clogged drain lines and drain fields, and provide septic emergency services. Over time, sludge accumulates in the bottom of a septic tank. Birmingham Sewer-Septic Co. is available for septic tank pumping. By emptying the septic tank, sewage particles are prevented from escaping and polluting the drain fields.

Birmingham Sewer-Septic Co. services the needs of both residential and commercial septic systems with affordable pricing. Contact Birmingham Sewer-Septic Co. to learn more.

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