Sump & Ejector Pumps


Sump pumps and ejector pumps help keep basements dry by forcing groundwater and wastewater away from your home or business. Heavy rains and certain sewer line circumstances make the installation of a sump or ejector pump necessary.

Don’t wait until your basement floods to call Birmingham Sewer-Septic Co. to fulfill your sump and ejector pump needs. If you have, contact us now for immediate assistance!
Birmingham Sewer-Septic Co. can professionally install and maintain a sump pump that prevents an abundance of groundwater, usually caused by heavy rains, from flooding your home. Sump pumps do not require manual operation. The sump detects threatening water and automatically activates. The unwanted water is pumped through drain lines and safely away from your building.

Ejector pumps are designed to assist the flow of sewage away from your residence or business. If the building’s sewer lines do not run beneath the basement, wastewater that drains through the basement must be forced through the drain line using an ejector pump until gravity is able to take over. Ejector pumps also help prevent septic tank overflows or sewer line clogs from backing up sewage into the building. If the septic or sewer lines are unable to dispense the incoming waste, a sewage ejector pump leads the wastewater to an appropriate depository.

Birmingham Sewer-Septic Co. can help keep your home dry. Our expert technicians install, maintain, and repair sump pump and ejector pump systems. They will evaluate your pump system or needs and prescribe and implement the solution that is right for you. We’ll never sell you more than you need and advise against installing less than necessary.
Birmingham Sewer-Septic Co. installs, maintains, and repairs sump pumps and ejector pumps. Contact our company now to learn how we can help keep your basement from flooding.

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