High Pressure Hydro-Jetting


Birmingham Sewer-Septic Co. possesses the tools and knowledge to revitalize even the oldest drain lines. Our technicians are trained to use hydro-jetting, an advanced method of clearing clogs and returning pipes to functioning like new. Hydro-jetting is safe on pipes, efficient, and easy on the pocketbook.

Your old lines don’t need to be replaced. Contact Birmingham Sewer-Septic Co. to learn more about our affordable hydro-jetting services.

Hydro-jetting uses water under extreme pressure to loosen and wash away debris clinging to the inside of residential and commercial sewer lines. The skilled technicians of Birmingham Sewer-Septic Co. snake the hydro-jet throughout your entire system. The powerful burst of water scours the full diameter of the pipes, flushes debris, and leaves lines clear.

Hydro-jetting is effective on numerous types of obstructions. The high-pressured water clears away hair, grease, paper, sand, sludge, soap build up, and foreign objects. Hydro-jetting is safe on your pipes and safe for the environment. It is prevents buildups and provides long-lasting results.

Clogged lines can lead to disastrous results. They often involve unwanted odors, unsanitary situations, inconvenience, and embarrassment. Our friendly and knowledgeable professionals effectively use hydro-jetting to clean drain lines and promote the free flow of sewage. Other than replacement, a better method of cleaning drain lines does not exist.
Birmingham Sewer-Septic Co. knows how to clean pipes and leave your sewer or septic system working like new. Maximize the efficiency of your sewage system – call Birmingham’s premier sewer and septic company today for a complimentary estimate.

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